Station 18 Festival - Artist Information


Load In: 39 Singleton Street, Swansea, SA1 3QN

Main Entrance: 50 Plymouth Street, Swansea, SA1 3QQ

On Arrival

On arrival, all equipment should be brought in through the loading entrance and taken straight up to the green rooms which are at the top of the stairs. No equipment should be taken into the main room at this point unless you are the first band playing. The festival staff will direct you when to bring equipment down to take on stage. We’ve allocated an area to the right of the stage for the next band to store their equipment ready for a quick changeover.

Supplied Equipment

We highly recommend that bands use as much of the supplied equipment listed below as possible to reduce the amount of equipment that needs to be brought in to the venue.  Obviously, we understand that some bands will want to use their own microphones, especially with the recent pandemic so we are happy for bands to bring either their own wired or wireless microphone systems if they prefer. The festival has hired a drumkit for use throughout the weekend and all other equipment is provided by the venue.


Pearl Export – Freshly skinned for the festival with a spare kick drum skin on site.

Kick Drum: 1, Rack Tom: 2, Floor Tom: 1

You should bring your own breakables, stands & stool.

Guitar Cabs

1 x 4×12 Mashall Cab (2 x 8ohm Inputs)

1 x 4×10 Marshall Cab (1 x 8ohm Input)

Bass Cab

1 x 4×8 Trace Elliot Cab (8 ohm)


2 x Stereo Passive DI Boxes

2 x Mono Passive DI Boxes


Full Drum Kit microphone set.

2 x e609 guitar cab microphones

4 x SM58 Vocal Microphones

2 generic instrument mic’s which can be used for additional guitar amplifiers/cabs


3 Across the front

1 x Drum

In Ear Sends

2 x in-ear XLR outs on the stage + 4 more available if sacrificing monitors

Change Overs

On Friday, standard change-over times will be 15 minutes. On Saturday and Sunday, changeover times will be increased to 20 minutes due to the number of bands playing.

The band going on should setup their equipment on-stage. The band directly following should bring their equipment down from the greenroom and load it on the right of the stage ready and the band coming off should load equipment back out and either return it to the green room or load out.

At the next change-over, equipment stored to the right of the stage can then be setup on the stage and the following band can bring their equipment down from the greenroom and store it to the right of the stage ready for the next changeover.

This system will ensure that the next band due to play has their equipment ready to drag in to place to ensure change-overs run smoothly

Merch Tables

There will be three merch tables available.  You will get allocated time before, during and after your set for use of merch tables to ensure everyone gets a fair allocation of time to sell merch at the festival. We encourage bands to bring lights for the tables as the venue will be dark, especially in the evening. Power will be provided at all merch tables.

Stage Plots / Artist Specifications

Please can you email all stage plots / artist specifications to with the subject “Station 18 Festival – Band Name”.

The two sound technicians on the day are Matthew Jones & Pete Sanders

Additional Information

For the full running times of the festival, plus any other information relating to parking, nearby music stores, etc, please visit: