Wales ranks 2nd place based on positive tests per 100,000

As we get closer to the end of January, numbers of covid-19 positive tests per day start to fall, although we are by no means out of the woods yet. Over the last few days the rate of descent has started to flatten out.

Covid-19 Positive Results per 100,000
Where do we stand per Nation?

Over the past 7 days, the number of positive test results per 100,000 by each Nation, ranked from best to worst are as follows:

  1. Scotland: 212 per 100,000
  2. Wales: 300.6 per 100,000
  3. Northern Ireland: 367.6 per 100,000
  4. England: 484 per 100,000
Based on people with at least one positive COVID-19 test result (either lab-reported or lateral flow device) in the most recent 7-day period.


Vaccination Rollout UK

As of Thursday, 21st January 2021 at 4:11pm, 4,973,248 people have received their first dose, with 464,036 receiving their second dose. Over the last two days (Wednesday, 20th January – Thursday, 21st January) saw an average of over 350,000 first-dose vaccinations per day.


When will restrictions be eased in Wales?

The next official 3 week review is on 29th January, 2021 when Mark Drakeford will publicly address the Nation. Based on the current progress being made (and there is progress being made), it is unlikely that we will see any significant (if any) easing of restrictions come the 29th January.



Information collected from the Coronavirus government website available at